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Frêney and PARIS Technologies Inc.

November 15, 2023
In June 2023, Frêney signed a strategic partnership agreement with PARIS Technologies Inc. based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States. The aim of this collaboration is to expand its offering of advanced business analytics and business intelligence solutions to its clients. Since the 1990s, PARIS Technologies Inc. has been developing advanced applications for data management, business intelligence, analysis, and executive reporting. Their focus is on delivering innovative solutions that enhance the productivity and profitability of organizations by supporting data-driven decision-making.

PARIS provides software solutions that empower organizations to manage and analyze diverse data sources, transforming information into insights that foster business development and competitiveness. This is achieved through innovative and technologically advanced solutions for data integration from heterogeneous sources, advanced predictive modeling, financial and investment planning systems, scenario analysis tools, and software applications for reporting. Olation® and PowerOLAP® are globally recognized solutions that maximize the use of spreadsheets for planning, budgeting, analysis, and cost management.

With an international staff boasting over two decades of experience in analytics solutions, database management, management accounting, strategic planning, financial analysis, and executive reporting, PARIS is well-equipped to provide a range of services. These include consultancy, technical support, and training, often facilitated through local partners such as Frêney. Further information is available on the official website of PARIS Technologies Inc.: