Technology is
important but...

a valued team focused
on its targets can make
the difference!

In a perfect world
finance wouldn't
create value but...

We cannot predict
the future but...

we can learn from the past
to make better plans!

Can help people to share
real-time data and make
better decisions


Four pillars, one approach


Management control is important for all organizations to achieve their strategic goals


Finance is important to create value and to keep your business in good health in the long-term


Information and knowledge are both important to investigate the present and the past and to support future decisions as well


The web is our playground. It is the best way to deliver and share real-time business information


Frêney helps organizations evaluate and understand financial or strategic decisions in complex contexts, and mines information and data to chart the clearest path to business development. We partner with management to enhance customer experience, optimize products and services pricing, optimize financial structure and cash flows, reduce expenses, save costs, and engage employees at any level to support better decisions for tangible and achievable results.
We believe knowledge must constantly be challenged. If not, then it is likely to vanish. Knowledge has to be shared to have value in the "data driven" business of the present and future.

Our approach is a tailor-made mix of controlling, finance, analytics and web-related technologies for content and knowledge management. These are blended for you to increase income and value, lower expenses, and watch your profits soar in the long-term.
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How can we help you?

Corporate reporting

Reports and dashboards to support the right decisions in a risky world

Cost accounting

Detailed cost information that management needs to pursue margins


Models and tools to play an active role and make good plans in an uncertain future

Corporate finance

Dealing with the sources of funding and the capital structure to increase value

Financial planning

Using current known variables and data to predict and define the future

Financial analysis

Models to assess the stability and the profitability of a business

Decision analytics

Models and tools to support everyday and strategic decisions and drive business performance

Descriptive analytics

Insight from historical data with reporting, scorecards, clustering, etc...

Predictive analytics

Predictive modeling using statistical and machine learning techniques


Web design

Modern web design with focus on clean code, search engine optimization and usability


Content management systems for websites, intranets, extranets, e-commerce

Reporting servers

Tools and solutions to show reports and interactive dashboards online

Our free environment that allows you to test some of our solutions