In order to gain insight and drive forecasts and business planning, we use analytics. Analytics is made from skills, software solutions and models for continuous, iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance.

We live in a world with a rapid increase of the amount of data used to explain almost every aspect of our lives: social media, the Internet of things (IoT), geolocation, cloud storage, e-commerce, etc... Data storage is cheaper than ever. The main risk is a data overload. We know that data is not information and that we need tools and models to analyze and filter only what is relevant to support our everyday decisions.

Frêney can support your organizations to select the best solutions to analyze database and data warehouses. We can also define original business models to share meaningful and relevant information at any level. We suggest mostly, but not exclusively open source solutions, that help managers focus on skills and models in the data driven business. Analytics is the best way to give value to knowledge in our complex world.
 Business intelligence
 Dashboards and K.P.I. models
 Multidimensional reporting
 Data warehouse and database design
 Predictive analysis and modelling
 "what if" analysis
 Datamart design for corporate reporting
 Dashboard and reporting servers
 Search engines with Apache Solr & ElasticSearch
 Decision support systems
 Data integration with extraction, transformation and loading (ETL)
 Training for controllers and I.T. managers
 Self-hosted file sync and share solutions
 Tables, charts and sparklines frameworks

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